Sorry about the lack of blogging. The reason I was traveling is a big one, though: Marc and I have made the decision to move to New York City, specifically Brooklyn. We've been considering a move for a long time, because as much as we love Texas, we've both lived here so long that it was just time for a change. The big move is in a couple of weeks, but we were in Brooklyn finding an apartment, which we thankfully were able to do. The cats are coming, of course, so if you have any advice on flying with cats, I'd really appreciate it. (Since you don't need a car in New York, and the vet suggested that one day of trauma is better than three, flying was the easy choice.) I'm really excited, and of course, more than a little stressed from all the decisions we have to make between now and then.

So in honor of this announcement, I'm going to play a song from the album that inspired the title. "Yes New York" is a play on the title of a 1978 compilation of No Wave music called No New York. The Genius ten is mixed off this; leave your own in comments.

Original song: "I Can't Stand Myself" by James Chance and the Contortions

[youtube expand=1]

1) "Guns Before Butter"---Gang of Four

2) "Little Fury Things"---Dinosaur Jr.

3) "Soon"---My Bloody Valentine

4) "Teen Age Riot"---Sonic Youth

5) "Isolation"---Joy Division

6) "Atlas"---Battles

7) "Break My Body"---The Pixies

8) "Just Like Honey"---The Jesus and Mary Chain

9) "This Charming Man"---The Smiths

10) "Paper Planes"---M.I.A.

Videos below fold.

[youtube expand=1]

[youtube expand=1]

[youtube expand=1]