Carrie Prejean, the Miss California 2009 winner who was stripped of her title after making controversial remarks opposing same-sex marriage and appearing in topless photos, reportedly threatened CNN staff with an on-air walkout on Larry King Live if King was "not nice" to her.

Prejean appeared on King's show Wednesday night, and appeared to prepare to walk off the show when a caller identified himself as a gay fan of beauty pageants. But Tara Palmeri and Nikki Schwab at the Washington Examiner report that threatening to walk off the show was the first thing Prejean did when she arrived with an entourage at the CNN studios.

The Examiner reports:

Upon entering CNN's Washington Bureau Wednesday night, the first words out of Former Miss California Carrie Prejean's mouth to CNN news assistant Christina McAusland were, "You tell Larry if he's not nice to me, I will get up and leave."

Beyond her on-air hissy fit, the beauty queen's behavior at the studio was classless.

She arrived with an entourage of five, (for cable news Green Room context, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., never arrives with a group that large) and barked at a studio operator for touching her hair while setting up her microphone.

CNN news assistant Christina McAusland told the Examiner that she had "never been treated so poorly" in her entire life.

Prejean dropped her lawsuit against the Miss California contest -- which she launched after the beauty pageant's organizers stripped her of her title -- when pageant lawyers confronted her with a videotape showing her in a sexual compromising position at age 17. Prejean's mother was reportedly in the room when lawyers confronted her with the tape.