After several embarrassing mistakes, Fox News has said that they will enforce accuracy in the news room. Stephen Colbert thinks Fox News should make more use of air quotes to allow them to continue to air misleading footage while maintaining high standards of accuracy.

"I have to give a wag of my finger, to Fox News for taking excellence too far," complained Colbert. "Fox, what are you doing? You're fair and balanced. To be fair, you have to balance every fact with corresponding bullshit."

He continued, "But I have an idea how you can keep your current standards and still live up to your new accuracy pledge. Just let the audience know that sometimes you're being ironic," Colbert explained. "It's easy. Tell your anchors, for specific parts of the newscast, do this." The Comedy Central comedian then demonstrated by making quote signs with his fingers.

Colbert offered one final suggestion. "And if that's not enough, have Sean Hannity do his show wearing an ironic t-shirt," he said.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, broadcast Dec. 7, 2009.