Is it just me, or does there seem to be an increasing number of ads and products that are this overtly misogynist? (Via.)

I've seen a lot of ads that assume that women shop too much. And I've seen ads that imply that women are responsible for doing all household work, including feeding and dressing men, though ass-wiping is still not covered. But combining these two things is just fucking cruel. The message of this ad is that it's not only okay to make women do all your work for you, but you should feel free to resent them openly and hate them for being so boring, while they're working for you. What kind of sense does that make? Even when someone is in an overt servant position, it's usually not okay to make fun of them for being so boring while they wait on you. But apparently, women are so loathsome that you have to go out of your way to hate on them while they bust their ass working for you.

Marketers apparently think men are stupid and so incredibly insecure that they cannot take even a moment's breath from woman-hating to be mildly grateful if someone buys them pants. They also think women are so insecure and needy that we're all grateful to have someone kick us in the ass as reward for working hard for them.