Can we go just one flipping week without an ignorant bigot eruption from one of Papa Ratzi's boyz?

Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, a Mexican cardinal and emeritus president of the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Health (1996-2009), has said in an interview with Pontifex, that homosexuals and transvestites "will never enter into the reign of God," appealing to St. Paul. "[T]rans e omosessuali non entreranno mai nel Regno dei Cieli, e non lo dico io, ma San Paolo." Later in the interview he says that he believes homosexuals are not born that way but become that.

As Andrew Sullivan observes, this cleric's BS isn't even in alignment with Catholic doctrine. The Prada-loving Pope, btw, has yet to say anything about the eliminationist legislation in Uganda.

In direct violation of Catholic doctrine, a leading cardinal has insisted that being gay is a choice and that those who choose to be gay are thereby excluded from God's kingdom. Benedict's church is slowly reversing the reforms of the 1970s that saw gay persons as made in the image of God and inherently not sinful, as long as they remained celibate and lived alone their entire lives.

It began with Benedict's own policy of insisting that even celibate gays cannot become priests because they are mentally or psychologically "disordered." The creation of a class of sub-human humans - the early medieval Catholic approach to Jews and sodomites - is making a comeback.

One also notes that the new Ugandan bill that would begin to treat gays as sub-human threats to be identified, informed on, jailed and executed has met no resistance from Pope Benedict XVI. Since the largest religious group in Uganda is Catholic, one has to take Benedict's silence in the face of this proposed Nazi-style law against homosexuals to be consent.

Since Cardinal Barragan is so certain about our fate, has he given any thought to the destiny of the child-raping priests and the criminal enterprise of bishops and cardinals that shuttled them around to new environs to continue their pedophile activity?


And in related news...

Diocese Pays $200,000 To Clergy Abuse Victim

Lawyer Says Victim Was Molested In Church Rectory

A lawyer has confirmed that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland made a $200,000 settlement on Nov. 5 with his client, who said she was molested by a priest in 1976 in the rectory of St. Michael's Church in South Berwick.

The priest was the Rev. James Vallely, said attorney Mitchell Garabedian, of Boston. The victim, who lives outside of New England, was 11 years old at the time and one of the first female altar servers in the state.

...Garabedian said that Vallely, who is deceased, served in parishes in Sheridan, Waterville, Machias, Limestone, Portland, South Portland and South Berwick. He added that secrecy was a common thread in clergy abuse cases, from supervisors of priests to any disciplinary action.