Now didn't I tell you that CharMeck County Commissioner Bill James was a low-life, stone-cold homobigot? He's corresponded with me delivering his sick, homo-obsessive emails since 2005. His level of hate rivals Fred Phelps - it's even worse that he's an elected official who wins time and again in the fundie church-laden 6th district without opposition.

His fellow County Commissioners approved same-sex domestic partner benefits 6-3 on Monday, and some like Commissioner Vilma Leake delivered personally emotional remarks in favor ot the measure -- she cited her late son, who had died from complications of AIDS. The cruel James leaned over to her (with a hot mic broadcasting) and said "Your son was a homo, really? When Leake heard that, she replied: "Don't make me hurt you. Don't do that to me. Don't talk to me about my son."

Naturally, people have called for James, a completely, pathologically homo-obsessed man who focuses on sex acts using his County email to apologize. I laughed at that, knowing if he said anything at all, he was going to send out an e-blast statement. And lo, and behold, FoxNewsCharlotte received a missive that is pure vile James to the core, comparing homosexuality to alcoholism and slamming his colleague on a personal level, including charging that Leake was "threatening" him in her above reply:

In the statement, BJames says:

"Vilma is a religious hypocrite."

"She was married to a Bishop in the AME Zion church. This church has historically opposed homosexuality."

"In justifying her position last night in public she used her son’s ‘lifestyle’ and his death from HIV-AIDS to justify voting for benefits to allow individuals to use tax dollars to engage in the same behavior that resulted in her son’s death."

"It is akin to someone whose son is an alcoholic and died from the disease, using his death from drinking as justification to have the taxpayers pay for more booze."

"Her position was that her ‘faith’ demanded that she do this to support her son and his ‘lifestyle’ which she acknowledges killed him."

"In doing so, it is legitimate to ask her what ‘lifestyle’ and in particular whether her son was a homosexual. Her response was to threaten me with physical violence (typical for her). Of course, this isn’t the first time she has threatened elected officials. On the School Board she had a long and checkered history threatening to harm those she disagrees with."

"Well, if she didn’t want to make her ‘son’ an issue – why did she use him, his lifestyle and his tragic self-inflicted death from AIDS as the reason for her vote?"

Sometimes you just don't believe someone can be this sick -- and he's re-elected to Mecklenburg's district 6 time and again. Imagine a district full of Bill James clones. Heaven help you if you're black or gay there.

Feel free to drop Bill a line (he'll like write back with some screed about felching and anal sex):

Contact Commissioner James:


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