Can I say that, even though I would have been ecstatic to have her as President (certainly would have been the same level of victory as electing Obama), things are really working out on the Hillary Clinton front? She's completely kicking ass as the Secretary of State, one of the most clean wins for the Obama administration. She's really good at being that sort of politician, the kind who gets shit done with a minimum of fuss and bullshit. I was always sorry she didn't aim to be Senate Majority Leader, because that would have been awesome.

But what really drove it home for me was reading this throwaway "10 Inspirational Women of the Decade" photo essay at Tres Sugar. It's one of those sillier blogs for women, so I didn't expect much from it in terms of being truly inspiring. And indeed, 7 out of the 10 women on there are professional entertainers---though certainly awesome ones---and there are no activists or business leaders. Well, except Michelle Obama, but she's on there for being the First Lady, not for her remarkable career. The other two are Nancy Pelosi, a slam dunk due to reaching the highest political office yet for a woman, and Hillary Clinton. You don't usually see the Secretary of the State on lists like this, but Clinton is an exception for a number of reasons. Sure, her celebrity and her past as the First Lady have a lot to do with it. But at this point, her run for office and general overall kick-assery more than wins her the title.

It's been a fucked up year for everyone major in politics except probably Hillary Clinton. No wonder assholes hate her so much.