Even though the proper beginning and end of decades should start with 1 years instead of 0 years, the panic over Y2K means that we're all in the helpless thrall of pretending that 0 is a better starting point than 1. With that in mind, I won't apologize for joining the "review the decade" list-making. And since New Year's Eve is a time of alcohol consumption and subsequent regret, I thought I'd make a list of those major events that seemed like a good idea at the time, but in retrospect, were really fucking stupid things to do. Some of them I participated in, but then again, I dare say none of us were innocent.

10) Buying the idea that throwing votes to Ralph Nader on the grounds that Bush wasn't that bad would be a good way to teach Democrats a valuable lesson on the dangers of centrism.

9) Forwarding along that Paris Hilton sex tape.

8) Giving "Crash" the Best Picture Oscar.

7) Watching reality TV shows without considering the ramifications, i.e. that this would only encourage them to make more.

6) Snuggies.

5) Crocs.

4) Electing George Bush to office in 2004, after all we'd learned.

3) Buying a house on a variable rate mortgage on the grounds that you could always sell it for a higher price.

2) Betting that the market for high end condos would never stop growing.

1) Taking seriously the Bush administration claims that there could be WMDs in Iraq and/or we had a special responsibility to depose Saddam Hussein and be greeted with roses thrown at our feet.

Leave yours in comments! Happy New Year's Eve, and let's hope the next decade proves a better one.