US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived Saturday in Haiti to work on an urgent bid to clear logistics hurdles and find creative ways to deliver aid to quake-hit Haitians.

Clinton, who arrived in the devastated capital Port-au-Prince shortly before 2000 GMT, is the highest-ranking US official to visit Haiti since the massive quake struck on Tuesday.

She has said she would meet President Rene Preval to ask how the United States could help tackle fuel shortages and other logistical problems that were dogging the relief effort.

The chief US diplomat, who met Preval during a visit to Port-au-Prince in April last year, told reporters traveling with her that she wanted to "listen to him, to be sure we are as responsive as we need to be."

Clinton and Rajiv Shah, her director of the US Agency for International Development, said the UN World Food Program had begun setting up food and water distribution centers at 14 points across the capital. "We're looking to expand that," Shah said.

This raw footage was published to the Web by the Associated Press on Jan. 16, 2010.

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