Is this a tiny bright signal in the conservative movement that they are tired of kowtowing to the theocrats? It appears the fundies at Liberty University (that would be Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Liberty Law School Dean Mat Staver) have been flipped the bird by the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

The event had Liberty and gay group GOProud as sponsors, and several fundies when into bully mode, declaring that CPAC should boot GOProud or they would threaten to withdraw, since the conservative gay or supports marriage equality, DADT repeal, etc.

Matt Staver has his knickers in such a wad at the lack of action against GOProud that he and fellow "Christian" conniptioneers, including Gary Bauer, signed Matt's letter of rage to CPAC.

CPAC apparently said "see ya," not even responding to Staver; they just read the missive and tossed it in the circular file. Oh, snap.

Staver reports that he never received a formal response to his complaint, so Liberty University is dropping its co-sponsorship. Liberty Counsel, however, will still have a booth at CPAC.

"Obviously as an exhibitor or participant, you don't necessarily have to think that everyone agrees with you, and some people might even work against you," Staver notes. "But as a co-sponsor, even though not everybody would have the same mission, not everyone would agree with the same tactics, and some would actually focus on economics whereas others might focus on social issues and others might focus on national defense - the fact is they're all conservative in nature. You wouldn't expect, however, a co-sponsor to actively work to undermine another co-sponsor, and that is in fact what GOProud does."

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently rejected an invitation from David Keene to speak at CPAC. According to a source close to Palin, the event is a forum that will put "special interests over core beliefs" and "pocketbook over policy."

Oops. I love Liberty U's face-saving maneuver of keeping Liberty Counsel's booth at CPAC; apparently the lawyers can commiserate with the homos. A full withdrawal would be admitting they got jammed. They don't want to start a trend of fundie drop kicking and additional infighting. If these clowns had not made a big deal out of the GOProud sponsorship in the beginning, there would be no news. The problem with these bible-beaters is that it's "my way or the highway" -- and that has, to date, always worked.

I wonder what Matt "Bam Bam" Barber, cultural affairs director at Liberty Counsel, will have to say?


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