Your blogmistress doesn't get the love from The Peter anymore. I didn't even make the cut for "Gay Grinch 2009" - that honor went to the "Hateful Dan Savage". Porno Pete is still smarting over the witticism of Dan related to Little Ricky:

Only a perversion activist as twisted as Savage could stage a contest with his readers to come up with a sickening definition to associate with “santorum” — because he was upset that former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum (R) made comments critical of homosexuality (in 2003).

But it seems that LaBarbera hasn't lost an iota of obsession over Dan. Witness this love note featuring the laughable diatribe of Peter's BFF, Matt "Bam Bam" Barber, "Barber: The Crucifixion of Brit Hume." PP salivates over an interview Dan did with Keith Olbermann, and calls for the NFL and NBC to drop Olbermann for criticizing Brit Hume's pious advice for Tiger Woods to convert to Christianity.

Well, we extolled Brit Hume and his sage advice to Tiger Woods, so now we have to give you some of the hyperventilating comments from America’s reactionary secular bigots, headquartered at MSNBC, of course. That includes the left-wing network’s chief blowhard, Keith Olbermann, who joined self-described “radical sex-advice columnist faggot,” Dan (“Three-Way”) Savage, in ridiculing Hume’s heartfelt Christian outreach to Woods.

Why on earth is Olbermann still a TV commentator for NFL games (for NBC Sports)? Seems that if the NFL cannot tolerate Rush Limbaugh as an owner, why does it allow a mean-spirited, Christian-bashing, hard-left talker to be connected to the league in any way? Let’s see if we can help to change that. — Peter LaBarbera,