Stewart slams FoxOne cable news channel couldn't hide its excitement as a Republican won Ted Kennedy's Senate seat Tuesday. Jon Stewart reports that Scott Brown's victory gave Fox News hosts a giddiness that allows them to even forget those parts of America they hate.

The MSNBC anchors may have been depressed as the results came in on election night but for Fox News "the atmosphere was different. Kind of a muted," joked Stewart. "What do you call when you try really hard to hide your erection?" Stewart asked as video played of jubilant Fox News personalities.

"The mood of the electorate which is kind of angry and kind of anti-the-Democrats' agenda," explained Fox News' Sean Hannity.

"Watch this, Sean," said Republican pollster Frank Luntz. He then directed a question to an assembled focus group. "How many of you believe Barack Obama has exceeded your expectations?" asked Luntz.

"None of you," exclaimed Luntz as no hands went up.

Shake WeightThe Daily Show's editors followed each clip of excited Fox News personalities with advertisements for the Shake Weight, a phallic-like work-out device that suggests masturbation.

Scott Brown is "the underdog who came from nowhere to win an election nobody thought he could do," said an enthusiastic Gretchen Carlson. Once again, the suggestion of auto-eroticism followed the Fox News clip.

"If I had to come up with one word, this is a revolution," announced Sean Hannity.

"So apparently will not only the revolution be televised, it will be sponsored by Fox News," said Stewart.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Jan. 20, 2010.