Who's surprised at this news? Probably all of the people who keep telling us that they'd be satisfied to wait through the end of a second term for pro-LGBT legislation (or just insert your long-ignored progressive cause here) to be passed and signed by President Obama.

Do you think Barack Obama deserves to be re-elected, or not?

If you're like most Americans, your answer is "No," according to a poll released on Tuesday by CNN. The perception was even worse for members of Congress nationwide -- but respondents still indicated they were likely to re-elect their current Representative.

With identical numbers for all Americans as well as for just registered voters, 52 percent said the President does not deserve to be re-elected, while 44 percent said that he does. Four percent had no opinion.

Respondents indicated the lowest opinions of Congress dating back to the start of the poll in 1991.

While the GOP may be in disarray with its fringe elements on fire, the Democrats have pissed away opportunity after opportunity with internecine squabbling, unbelievable naivete that 60 votes with all those Blue Dogs equals 60 votes, a lack of iron-fisted leadership on the Hill, and a clock running down to pass significant, meaningful legislation -- never mind getting to the Homosexual Agenda.

It's just one poll, and you can try to toss it out as a one-off, but the fact is, coming into office, Barack Obama has been set up to be a one-termer from the start. Left with a flaming pile of cow dung economy and two failing military actions in progress by Dear Leader Bush II, the GOP was glad to hand over the keys to the WH so that they could quite wisely depend on the lack of attention-span American public to blame Obama for not fixing all of the Bush messes that took years to create. If Hillary won, she'd be in the same sorry position.

However, what we'll never know is what was going on inside the minds of President Obama's staff, who for some reason thought that 2008 win meant an automatic two terms. They clearly laid out a two-term plan, and sold that to LGBT leaders as a realistic goal of some kind. Given a two-term plan means a re-election bid, any person of average political intelligence should have realized that the window of opportunity to pass socially groundbreaking civil rights legislation was going to need to be addressed early on, and ducks needed to be in a row, with strong leadership to push the controversial elements forward. Now we see how the focus is on the mid-terms and the smell of Dem fear is in the air re: anything gay.

There wasn't a back up plan for one term, huh?

It's still his second term to lose; if the GOP is stupid enough to nominate a fringe candidate like Palin or some teabagger icon, President Obama may have a slam dunk re-election. However, as brain-dead as we often think the GOP is, they have a presence of mind and ability to focus on the end goal that Democrats seem to flounder time and again. One can only hope that a re-election campaign is run better than this governing administration.