Last night I hopped on #livetweetingabortion (if you don't know the story, the blogger who live tweeted her abortion blogs here) because I heard it exploded into a frenzy of anti-choicers who, presented with evidence of a real live sexually active woman who wasn't ashamed of an abortion, descended on her like, well, assholes with stones who've caught an adulteress. No matter how much time you spend studying them, seeing their hysteria in action is always alarming. It's not surprising that people get broken in this particular way---the world is fucked up enough to turn normal human beings into towers of misogyny and fear of sexuality---but that there's so many of them always alarms. But then again, there are places (and have always been times) where you can gather a crowd of men to stone rape victims to death for the high crime of being vagified, so I suppose this particular issue has always been with us. You'd think that living day in and day out where half the population has vaginas, most people would get over the angry surprise, but some people just never do.

Anyway, last night, I saw a bunch of shaming and platitudes from anti-choicers, and more platitudes from pro-choicers in response. I felt that if there are some young people that are, because they're still new to sexuality and afraid and easy marks for anti-choicers, in the frenzy, perhaps a little truth might help the situation. So, I went to places like the Guttmacher and other highly respected sources of actual research and science and started dropping links into #livetweetingabortion. I really do think that a lot of people caught up in the misogynist mob were aware that their scapegoat wasn't the ogre they made her out to be, but quite normal, then they might rethink it. It also had the effect of shaming the misogynists for a short period of time, especially as others retweeted me and started to use the tactic. When faced with truth, wingnuttery recoils like vampires from the sun.

But I'm only one person, so I ask you guys, as long as the hashtag is frenzied, to go in there and drop some truth. Guttmacher is a good place to go for facts like 1 in 3 American women will have an abortion by 45 and 60% of women who have abortions are mothers already and three quarters of women who have abortion cite responsibilities to others as a reason for the abortion. A lot of anti-choicers, especially the young ones, are actively blocked from any real information, so perhaps you can get through to them. But it's also important to make it clear that Angie Jackson is a normal woman, and the only thing abnormal about her is she doesn't let the bigotries of a bunch of superstitious misogynists who put an ancient texts written by people who didn't think women had souls scare her into silence.

So a rocking song from The Gossip to motivate some truth-telling for the Friday Genius Ten.

Original song: "Ain't It The Truth" by the Gossip

1) "New Radio"---Bikini Kill

2) "Die"---Bratmobile

3) "Capricornations"---Mika Miko

4) "This Island"---Le Tigre

5) "Watchmaker"---Excuse 17

6) "8-Ball Deluxe"---7 Year Bitch

7) "Bruise Violet"---Babes In Toyland

8) "Witch"---The Sonics

9) "Germ Free Adolescents"---The X-Ray Spex

10) "Goo Goo Muck"---The Cramps

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