imageOne of the consistent themes of the right with regards to black people as a whole is that we really, really need to stop blaming white people for things and being "victims". There are 1.27 million hits on Google for the phrase "liberal plantation", most of which consist of various conservatives alleging that any non-conservative black person is still living in slavery, only this time it's voluntary and for welfare.

It hit its apex with Bill Cosby's confused, entitled rant about the shamefulness of black people these days (which, ironically, was up in arms about black women having too many children) - it was a watershed moment for the "liberal plantation" movement, because finally a prominent black man got up and told the rest of his people that the only thing preventing them all from being a multimillionaire comedy legend was pulling their pants up.

There's something bothersome, however, about the recent "black genocide" anti-abortion movement, and it was this response to Maafa 21, the abortion equals black genocide film that right-to-lifers are showing to young black people:

Still, enough threads of truth weave through the theory to make “Maafa 21,” the documentary whose name is a Swahili word used to refer to the slavery era, persuasive to some viewers, at least at a recent screening at Morris Brown College, a historically black institution in Atlanta.

“Before we saw the movie, I was pro-choice,” said Markita Eddy, a sophomore. But were she to get pregnant now, Ms. Eddy said, “it showed me that maybe I should want to keep my child no matter what my position was, just because of the conspiracy.

The entire point of this movement is to plant the seeds of a conspiracy in the minds of young black people (women in particular) - it has nothing to do with protecting the interests of African-Americans and everything to do with abusing legitimate concerns about institutionalized racism to achieve the ends of the pro-life movement. It's ludicrous to believe that racism might contribute to the higher rates of joblessness and poverty in black America; it's perfectly sane to believe that white liberals are committing fucking genocide under color of constitutional law. And now Markita Eddy is considering abandoning her belief in choice, not because she herself has ever felt coerced, because because nefarious unseen forces (Gloria Steinem) are cackling with glee at her willingness to sacrifice her fetus to their menstrual blood god.

There are two explanations for this. The first is that these people are maintaining two contradictory ideas at once: blaming whitey is bad, except when it's not. I prefer the second explanation, however, and it's simply this: there's a large element of the conservative movement that has never stopped thinking about black people as slaves. Ever.

You're a slave if you vote for Democrats. You're a slave if you choose to have an abortion. You're a slave if you work at Wal-Mart and have kids (and are black, mind you - white people are just making a living, duh). And because you're a slave, you might as well put that strong nigger back and that pliable nigger mind to work getting them what they want rather that what you might think you want. And why would what you want matter anyway? You're just a slave!