Digby has a post up about the media's handling the teabaggers with kid gloves, kid gloves that would be thrown aside in haste if they were covering liberal events and movements. In sum, right wing fanatic Joseph Farah made a speech at this latest tea party convention about how Obama doesn't have an American birth certificate---and got a standing ovation for it---and most of the mainstream media coverage ignored this, and certainly didn't ask hard questions about why someone who wants mainstream credibility like Sarah Palin is associating with these nuts. Digby's theory on why this is seems sound:

The reason, it seems to me, is pretty obvious: they've been worked. After all, we now know that the Washington Post was out there actively commissioning pieces about "liberal condescension" which tells you pretty clearly that the word has gone forth that the teabaggers must be treated with kid gloves. I assume reporters read the papers.

It's a perverse piece of Villager logic to suggest that evil, snooty East Coast types need to rein in their condescending tendencies by.....treating conservatives like small children who cannot be held responsible for anything they say or do.

How very convenient for the teabaggers that they live in a world of reverse logic, where assuming someone is an adult who can be expected to act intelligently and take responsibility is "condescending", but smiling indulgently and figuring that it's cruel to assume the fragile teabaggers can handle a little bit of criticism is not condescending. I suppose it's the same logic that creates our gender stereotypes, where men are assumed to be big children incapable of handling basic household tasks (so women are forced to do them all), but that men should be allowed to rule the world anyway, perhaps as a booby prize.