With Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council going on Hardball to declare that homosexuality needs to be recriminalized (overturning Lawrence v. Texas) in the wake of getting the bad news that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Michael Mullen (and now General Colin Powell and even a tepid Orrin Hatch) said Don't Ask Don't Tell needs to go, you knew there would be a Freeper explosion.

And yes, the gloves come off in a primal scream of terror as these knuckledraggers cover their privates, worrying about dropping soap in the shower. Where were all these Freepers when heterosexual enlisted men were raping their female peers? Oh wait, they don't want women in there either...


I've linked to the Google cache just in case the thread "disappears." See the misogyny and paranoia run wild. It's beyond laughable. They know their side is going down in the long run, no pun intended.

Actual Freeper Quotes

Easy to say General Mullen when you don’t have to bunk or shower with these individuals.

"... it is wrong to force people to "lie about who they are in order to defend their fellow citizens."

So - Mike Mullen agrees with Congressman Joe Sestak. Who knew?

you cannot defend your fellow citizens when you are preoccupied with having swordfights in the showers. Eww, I just grossed myself out. This article reeks of leftist politics. No military man in his rigfht mind would approve of gutting the military, which is exactly what this amounts to.

What happened to the rights of “straights” to privacy?

I urge everyone to call their Senator and Congressional Representative TODAY!! Everyone I know in the military is outraged at Obama’s attempt to inject active homosexuality into the barracks and showers of the armed forces. Here we go again with another Dem idiot trying to social engineer the military.

But forcing people to accept this societal abomination is just honky dory? The military has lost its bearings. It is adopting self destructive polices and behaviors.

“Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse,” Casey said

I fear too many of our higher-ranking officers appear to have been selected for their PC-compatibility rather than for their military competence. . .

If the ban is lifted homosexuals will flock to the military and overrun it and have the full force of military law behind them, the military will be theirs.

Didn't Mullen say like 6 months ago that the policy shouldn't be changed? Oh, that was before Obama said he wanted to change it. Now it's good. Man, this guy is such a suck up it's disgusting. Between him and Gates I don't see who has the stones to defend the military from the "I loathe the military" democrat powers that be.

Wonder what he would think if he has to share a shower room and toilet room with those people ? He has his nice private shower and toilet. The rank and file don't.

It ought to be intresting keeping up with HIV exposure in the ranks.

No Navy admiral (or Air Force general) should ever be made head of the JCS. That responsibility should be left to the Army or the Marines. Or barring that, to the Coast Guard.

Please note that Mullen said he was speaking for himself not for the other service chiefs. The CNO hasn’t come out either way yet. Mullen is the CJCS not the CNO.

Except that the Marines are a Department of the Navy. There are whack jobs in all branches. Clearly this Admiral has no clue what it’s like to be a an enlisted on a combatant vessel. I do.

The Marines are older than the Navy, think in the spirit of Hope and Change that we can the Dept of Navy and replace it with the Dept of the Marine Corps.

Except that the Marines are a Department of the Navy. A bumper sticker for sale at a local gun show reads: The Marine Corps is a department of the Navy. The men's department. It amused me, but I didn't bring it home. My dad retired as a Commander in the Navy. My son served in the USMC.

OK Admiral Mikey Mullen. IF we do away with the old fashioned ways then lets quit SEGREGATION in WOMENS’ quarters from MENS’ quarters Let the straights have the same perspective as the gays.I doubt women will enjoy being leered at in the showers as well as straight men will be by gays And Face it, the Homo's will eventually pair up and have sex in the foxholes(or bunks in the navy)while the straight men will be denied such companionship. How's that for creating Esprit De Corps

Oh yes, it continues below the fold.

Mullens has to go!!!!!!!!!!! He is only looking at this as a political issue and McCain is right in this case. Or maybe there is a personal reason he is such an advocate. Mullen's is wrong, NOBODY has to lie, you just do not talk about it. Only a really disgusting man sits around and discusses his sex life with his wife in any detail. As for the Navy wanting gays, brother, the Corps has more than it's share of homos, male and female. I can no more picture two male Chiefs dancing and kissing at the Khaki Ball than I can two male Marines dancing and kissing at the Marine Corps Ball.

The real problem which Mullen's will not see or will not talk about is the life style this will bring to the military. Will gays married in MA be considered legal dependents. What about gays from states with no gay marriage provisions. Will a gay member with a transsexual lover be allowed to marry in a Base Chapel? How will Fleet and Family Services or MCCS deal with those issue. Will gay members be allowed to dress as a woman after duty hours? Will none gays be FORCED to berth with gays or will they be allowed to object. Will that lead to segregation? What about open relationships on a ship? What about Chaplains whose church or faith are openly against the gay lifestyle? Will they be forced to ignore their faith or resign their commission? What about the number of suicides and spread of STDs prevalent in the gay life style? Now the only people that will not join are those whose faith tells them that the gay lifestyle is wrong and a sin. If they believe that they will not be allowed to join because they will no longer fit in Mullen's diverse Navy. Will gays become a protected class in the military like women where after tailhook? It took years to get back to the point where every sexual harassment compliant did not start with an assumption of guilt. I do not mean to be crude, but this is about more than where a man puts his tools after work and what a women prefers to eat on her own time. It is about back dooring (pun intended) legalized federal gay marriages, acceptance of a LIFESTYLE and social engineering in the military. Imagine gay pride week on military bases, banning of the boy scouts on bases, the absolute silencing of any opposition in the military ranks, with threats of UCMJ and discharge, for refusing to accept a LIFESTYLE condemned in the Bible. There is NO proof homosexuality is genetic like you know, being black or a female. The goal is to forcing everyone to accept this as normal.

So what is next, obese people, reformed criminals and former drug addicts, those are all lifestyle choice as well. I have served with Gays in the Navy and Corps. Before don't ask, don't tell and since. I did not report a senior Marine Officer that was gay in the 80's, I did not report numerous enlisted/officer gays over the last 10 years. "Don't ask, Don't tell" works far better. Although I do not approve of the life style, but I have the option to ignore it. 56% are against this nationwide. We need to mobilize and hand Obama and Mullen's a resounding defeat!

There is more to this than just allowing gays in the military. They are opening the door for an activist agenda within the ranks. Benefits for a gay partner are next, such as:

Servicememember’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI)

Base Housing

Medical and Dental for gay dependent

Accompanied Tours with gay partner

Benefits normally associated with the military family will now be fought for by gay rights activist. Do not take this lightly.

"Admiral" Mullen: Ally of homos, tormentor of Navy SEALs, blind and deaf to Jihad. Typifies the pathetic brass we would expect from Obama's vision of a weakened America. He makes me sick. And Mike Mullen has never--ever--seen any combat. He is 63! How does a man like him get to such a position with no actual combat experience? Ass-kissing and politics. The very kind of brown-nosing prick that Patton despised.

So long as the armed forces can prevent from happening what happened in seminaries in the Catholic Church, then I don't have a particular problem with it. Better to open your mouth and confirm that you're gay, than to keep it shut and have everyone “think” you're gay. If it becomes a haven and a hierarchy of gays protecting the criminal acts of gays, then I'd say we have a problem. When the seminaries became bath houses for priests who had absolutely no intention of conducting themselves with chastity or morally, then it became a mess. Straight priests were treated poorly and finally retreated to being single or taking a wife, instead of serving the Body of Christ through the Mass.

Let's see how this goes, but somehow I can't imagine the military would enforce moral and ethical guidelines more successfully if the ratio of gays to straights becomes unbalanced. I don't care HOW disciplined they think they are. A few bad apples placed in the wrong rank, or the wrong guy has a pass made and this could go amazingly awry. Whether you want to proudly state you're gay...whatever.

That's exactly what will happen, if the wrong person has a pass made at him or her. That will cause the PC crowd to rain bullets around the heads of straights and, eventually, the ratio may become unbalanced, and the next thing you know, we will have a military in fuchsia with feather boas -- and that's just the guys. The women will go for black tuxedos.

PC has proved it kills fellow servicemen and women and now they want open homos to serve, what’s next a homo pride parade on base or a homo party where they can all have their sexual sickness on display/