Gen. David Petraeus has served with gays and lesbians and believes troops may not care if the military's discriminatory Don't ask, don't tell policy is repealed.

"Do you think soldiers on the ground in the field care one way or the other if their comrade in arms are gay or lesbian?" asked NBC's David Gregory.

"I'm not sure that they do. We'll see," replied Petraeus.

"I know, I served, in fact, in combat with individuals who were gay and who were lesbian in combat situations. Frankly, you know, over time you said, hey, how's this guy shooting or how is her analysis or what have you?" explained Petraeus.

The general supports Secretary Gates' plan to review the law. "There is a process at work here now, David. I think that it is a very sound and good process," he said.

This video is from NBC's Meet the Press, broadcast Feb. 21, 2010.

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