MEXICO CITY -- Two Mexican women were the first to wed in Mexico City on Thursday after the sprawling capital became a pioneer in Latin America by legalizing gay marriages.

Lol Kin Castaneda, 33, and Judith Vazquez, 45, wore matching ivory dresses as they led a multiple ceremony at the city hall in which four other gay couples, including two other lesbians, were also married.

Mexico City's left-leaning legislature approved gay marriage and opened the way for adoptions on December 21, provoking a wave of uproar from religious groups in the Catholic nation and conservatives including President Felipe Calderon.

The attorney general has lodged an appeal against the move at the Supreme Court and a string of states are seeking to apply measures to specifically prohibit gay marriages.

Two men were recently married in Argentina, the country's second gay marriage, after a judge approved the union ahead of possible legislation there too.