President Barack Obama headed to Strongsville, Ohio to make a final push for health care reform Monday. It will be the president's third campaign-style event in a week to push for reform.

According to The Associated Press, "He'll speak Monday at a recreation and senior center in Strongsville, outside Cleveland."

"Strongsville is the home of cancer patient Natoma Canfield, who wrote the president she gave up her health insurance after it rose to $8,500 a year. Canfield's sister, Connie Anderson, is scheduled to introduce the president at the event."

Democrats are just short of the votes they need to push the health care bill past the finish line, and the White House is furiously competing with anti-reform lobbyists to court the few dozen House Democrats who will determine its fate.

President Obama's top aides predicted Sunday that health care reform will pass this week. Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), the chief whip counter in the House, said his party did not have the votes as of this weekend but expressed confidence it soon will.

This live video is from The White House.