Bruce Bartlett writes today on the fact that Tea Partiers know as much about the taxes they're protesting as Georgetown knows about beating the ninth-best team from the Mid-America Conference.

Anyway, Dissenting Justice wrote about Bartlett's piece, pointing out Tea Partiers have no idea what's happened with federal taxes (only 4% think federal taxes have fallen, whereas it's 100% true that they have). Then, comes this comment from, ahem, "MaggotatBroad&Wall":

Bartlett is a tax/fiscal policy expert. Nobody should dispute his numbers. He was instrumental in augering in the Reagan supply side revolution that created trillions in new wealth and tens of millions of new jobs.

He became enraged with the GOP, and left the party under GWB because of the GOP's fiscal irresponsibilty. So did many others, and I believe that's in part why they lost control of both houses and the presidency. But Bartlett took it a step further. He decided to enrich himself writing books trashing GWB and his former party. I have no problem with that.

If I were asked a question about federal taxes, I'd be tempted to think about ALL the different kinds of taxes I am burdened by (state sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, cigarette taxes, liquor taxes, social security, medicare, and probably dozens more, etc.) and lump them all together in my response about "federal" taxes. So I believe Bartlett is being a wonky nit.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Tea Party in a nutshell: when asked about federal taxes, they think about state and municipal taxes that the federal government has nothing to do with, along with federal taxes that have remained wholly unchanged. This is why thousands of people who still wonder why the entire plane isn't made of out the black box material show up on random lawns to protest - because they have no idea what it is they're angry about, which lets them be really, really fucking angry about anything.

This is why I disregard Tea Partiers as serious voices in the political dialogue - they are literally too stupid for their feelings to matter. And if any of them are reading and are angry about this, please see the prior sentence for my response. Thank you.