imageThe day after an incredibly corporate-friendly health care bill with few, if any protections for women's reproductive rights barely passed the House, Nancy Pelosi is Satan, according to the Republican Party.

Part of me wishes that we could pass this bill on a weekly basis, though, because the right has gone straight stupid over this. John McCain has promised that the GOP will obstruct for the rest of the year. Megan McArdle is theorizing that Republicans will end Medicare and Social Security just to get back at Democrats. The nation's first black teabagger (complete with 1995's sweetest Marvin the Martian hoodie), rather than exploding as matter meets antimatter, decided to threaten Barack Obama's life. PowerLine is legitimately afraid of death panels. Representative Steve King is proposing secession (although, to be fair, it seems like Republicans increasingly propose secession as a solution for everything).

What does this all mean? Mainly that the continued futility of the Democratic Party in doing anything renders any accomplishment, no matter how ad hoc, no matter how iterative, the absolute worst fucking thing that's ever happened in the world. Republicans have spent so long warning about the evil terrors of a Democratic agenda that's largely been stymied since the Clinton years that this baby step forces them to go face-lickingly insane over it.

It's the irony of having a Republican Party that's been largely politically ascendant since the 1980s struggle - Republicans have been incredibly successful at stopping the Democratic agenda, largely by ever-increasing doomsday rhetoric. When Democrats do win, even as flawed a victory as this, 30-plus years of rhetoric rears its ugly head. Everything Democrats have wanted to do will lead to the end of days - from a minor rise in the minimum wage to health care reform to changing the food in the House cafeteria. When Democrats do win at anything, the Kool-Aid drinkers have to keep drinking lest anyone realize how full of shit they are.

This is why so many people outside of the conservative movement worry about conservative violence as the Obama presidency continues. They fancy themselves heroes against tyranny, where tyranny is defined as the slightest inconvenience or discomfort. And all tyranny should be answered with the utmost resistance - especially when the tyranny compounds and compounds into a new liberal fascist republic where your taxes are slightly lower and you can't get kicked off of your insurance because of a preexisting condition. Oppression has been defined so far downward for them that they are justified in threatening armed rebellion for the equivalent of being told that they aren't going to the park today because it's raining.