It's just time to do some fun, mindless chatting about commercials. Most are forgettable, and a lot of them are memorable. The ones I remember most are usually paired with interesting music or visuals that are compelling, and of course, are funny.

Many times, favorite commercials tend to be ones we remember from childhood, or nowadays, are targeted. I think what's pretty interesting is how marketing has changed over the years -- it's obviously more sophisticated in some ways, more annoying in other ways -- obvious manipulation, screaming pitchmen/women, and the godawful commercials for local businesses.

Anyway, here's a couple that I'm fond of.

Present day: The Kia Sorrento commercial "Joyride Dream," which debuted on the Super Bowl (though I didn't see it then), with the stuffed animals coming to life and enjoying the wild life -- bowling, Vegas, and the one that cracks me up -- the monkey getting a sewn-on "Mom" tattoo. The music: The Heavy's "How You Like Me Now."

Going back a few years...I love this video, um, commercial for The Gap ("Khaki Soul") from back in 1997, when the stars aligned to bring landmark music video director Hype Williams together with Bill Withers' song "Lovely Day" and a multi-racial, joyful bunch of dancers in a tight 30-second spot that makes me wish that we were really a post-racial society. It seemed closer then than now. There's a great write up about the video and the Gap campaign here.

OK, really going back -- 1969. This one was memorable because I saw it so many times as a kid and laughed every single time. Clearly I was easily amused.

OK - head on over to YouTube and share your favorites in the comments.