beckPopular conservative talk show host Glenn Beck made his predictions Saturday for the kind of judge President Obama will nominate to replace Supreme Court Justice Stevens, who announced Friday that he will retire.

Whoever the president chooses, Beck said on his radio show, Americans can be sure it will be someone hand-picked to stymie opposition through political correctness.

"It will allow the Democrats to say they just hate women, they just hate Hispanics, they just hate a black, they just hate whatever. That's what it will be," Beck said. "I mean if he's smart, he will find a gay, handicapped black woman who's an immigrant. She could be the devil. She could say 'I hate America. I want to destroy America,' and that way they'll only be able to say 'Why do you hate gay immigrant black handicapped women?'"

Stevens' announcement of retirement means Obama must choose a second Supreme Court justice within his first two years in office. His last selection, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, ignited a prolonged battle with Republicans. This time, Obama must get a nominee confirmed in the middle of an election season and with possibly even more opposition.

Beck was quick to claim Obama would appoint another "radical" like Justice Sotomayor.

"It will cause all kind of problems in Washington, it will split the parties," Beck said.

The comments mirror a statement by conservative icon Rush Limbaugh when the retirement of Justice David Souter paved the way for Obama's first Supreme Court pick in May of last year. After playing a clip of Obama telling leaders of Planned Parenthood that the court needed a justice with "empathy" for single mothers, Limbaugh translated what he believed Obama was saying.

"So here's what we need. We need a teenage single mother who's gay, is a lesbian, who's dirt poor, African-American and disabled," Limbaugh said.

Obama has said that he will seek a nominee similar to Stevens and asked the Senate to move quickly after he chooses the replacement.

Regardless, Obama must choose to either "be bold or play it safe", according to a New York Times article. The story lists several likely candidates for the nomination.

As for Glenn Beck, he is unlikely to let up on his harsh criticism any time soon. According to Forbes, he made $32 million in 2009 alone.