Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), the poster child of liberal bloggers' ire, has done it again.

Once the darling of Democratic political heavyweights -- he campaigned in 2000 as the vice presidential running mate of then-Vice President Al Gore -- the Connecticut senator now appears to enjoying sparring his his former party at every opportunity.

Lieberman became an independent during his 2006 campaign, in which he faced off with liberal millionaire Ned Lamont. Liberal bloggers largely supported Lamont.

Since then, Lieberman has nettled those in his former party for his continual overtures to Republicans. Recently, he said he wouldn't rule out running as a Republican in his 2012 Senate race.

But in a Newsmax interview published Monday, he took himself one step further toward the party he once campaigned to defeat.

"There were a lot of people, particularly Democrats, who were declaring after the 2008 election that we were beginning a period of Democratic dominance that would go on for decades," Lieberman told Newsmax. "Now, all of a sudden, the momentum is with the Republicans. And that's — thank God — that's the way people have spoken, you know? That's our democracy."

The senator also said that "everybody should listen" to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

“I think Sarah Palin for a lot of people has become a spokesperson," Lieberman said. "People worried that government has forgotten them, has grown too big, that the deficit is growing too large, and in some sense that we’re not being as strong as we should be in the world — Governor Palin has spoken to those concerns as much as anyone.

“I do disagree with her on some of the specifics that she has said, but I think anybody who underestimates Sarah Palin as a political force in America does so at some peril, because she is speaking for a lot of people out there," he continued. “I don’t know what her future is, but I’m just saying everybody should listen.”

Lieberman was speaking in an interview that largely focused on US foreign policy regarding Israel and Iran. The onetime Democrat has repeatedly urged the US to take a hawkish position against Iranian development of nuclear weapons, and consider an armed airstrike to halt nuclear enrichment.