MSNBC's Rachel Maddow may be able to keep her cool when subjected to slighting remarks by Republican senators, but a "cold-blooded killer" like Osama bin Laden can inspire even the normally unflappable Maddow to thoughts of violence.

"I believe that I could kill Osama bin Laden with a spoon," Maddow told The Daily Show's Jon Stewart on Tuesday.

Maddow was on The Daily Show to promote a new documentary she has produced based on Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh's previously unreleased jailhouse interviews.

"He was really waging war on the US government," she said of McVeigh "He saw himself as coming from the Patriot movement ... and he was standing up for what happened at Waco, what happened at Ruby Ridge."

"I don't think that McVeigh is a hero to anybody, Maddow emphasized, "even the people who really agreed with him." And yet, she noted, "He saw himself as triumphant. ... He said at one point, 'Listen, I look at it in the crudest terms and say 168 to 1. You can kill me and I'm still ahead.'"

Stewart reacted with horror. "Wow," he remarked. "Intellectually, I feel like, 'Boy, how can human beings kill another human being?' But boy, viscerally, you just want to be in that room and pull his throat out through his face."

"I feel the same way about like bin Laden," Maddow agreed. "I believe that I could kill Osama bin Laden with a spoon -- because he's a cold-blooded killer. Right?"

As the audience broke into laughter, Stewart inquired, "Out of curiosity, why do you pick a breakfast implement?"

"Says more about my feelings about spoons than it does about him," Maddow replied enigmatically, leaning over and making a gagging sound.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast April 12, 2010.