A Texas law school graduate who sued the US Supreme Court justices demanding $999 trillion for allowing abortion is behind bars after threatening to use deadly force at an abortion clinic.

FBI agents arrested Erlyndon Joseph Lo on Saturday afternoon, a day after he filed a rambling request with a federal court in Dallas asking for a restraining order.

Lo asked that the police be restrained from stopping him when he shows up at a Dallas abortion clinic to "use deadly force to defend the innocent life of another human being," the Dallas Morning News reports.

"My life is at stake," Lo wrote in the court request. "I could be MURDERED and KILLED as early as April 2, 2010, at 12:00 p.m. NOON in Dallas, Texas ("TX") if you do not IMMEDIATELY GRANT MY REQUEST for in the very least a TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER!!!"

I plan on saving at least one human life in Dallas, Texas at 12:00 p.m. at the Southwestern late-term abortion facility, 8616 Greenville Ave. at Royal Ln. (NE corner), Dallas 75243.

My religious beliefs include the beliefs that an individual is alive at the moment of conception, abortion is murder and is the worst murder of all murders possible because these babies are completely defenseless, and I am entitled under my religious beliefs to use deadly force if necessary to save the innocent life of another.

Lo was brought before a judge on Monday and charged with one count of using interstate commerce to communicate a threat to injure and one count of threatening force to intimidate and interfere with clients and employees of a reproductive health service.

"We acted swiftly to ensure that no one was injured and that no act of violence actually did take place," Mark White, spokesman for the Dallas FBI, told the Morning News.

In a scribbled, barely-legible lawsuit Lo filed last month, the graduate of Southern Methodist University sued the nine Supreme Court justices, demanding that they immediately ban abortion. Lo asked for $999 trillion in damages, the Associated Press reports, and also requested $1,000 per hour in attorney fees.

"The lives of millions of human beings and individuals and persons is immediately at stake, making this single and individual case the ultimate and highest priority of all cases in the United States," Lo wrote in the court filing. "Mass murderers are involved. World War III or any subsequent war is an immediate hazard and danger."

In a press release, the FBI provides information that suggests Lo's anger at abortion may have been personal. "Approximately three weeks prior to Lo’s filing the [restraining order], a male, matching his general description, went to the SWSC with a receipt, claiming that he wanted to find out if his wife had an abortion."

Lo's bail hearing is scheduled for April 15.

The following video was broadcast on Fox channel 4 in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Monday, April 5, 2010.