Ah, the perils of being a childless atheist. Once again, I forgot it was Easter. This time, I had a little lead time, and was reminded on Thursday that it was almost Good Friday. There's no excuse for my daftness, however. I've been sucking down all this media about the Catholic pedophilia scandal, and all these mentions of "Holy Week" flew by my head. Part of the problem is that I tend to think that high-falutin' religions are always having some fucking holiday or another, and so I tune out phrases like "Holy Week", even though intellectually I know that it's probably the end of Lent and the run-up to Easter.

To make the whole situation weirder, moving to New York means that no one talks about Lent around you, ever. There's no whiff of the holiday in the daily life here. In Texas, you have the Mardi Gras thing, and then there's a lot of Catholics running around doing Catholic-y things, but here, not so much. So I just forgot. But my excuses are different every year. The main excuse is this: Since it moves around the calendar, it always sneaks up on me.

The point is this: Today is really nice, and not that many people are going to give a shit about blogging today, so here's some bunnies.