Sometimes you feel, when you hear a news story, that the world is giving gifts crafted especially for you. That's how I felt when I watched this segment on Rachel Maddow:

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The killer quote:

Kevin Franck, spokesman for the Louisiana Democratic Party, said neither the party nor the Melancon campaign recruited Daniels.

"If the Louisiana Republican Party is uncomfortable with a Republican challenger who has a history of selling sex, I would suggest they reconsider standing by an incumbent with a history of paying for it," Franck said in an e-mailed statement.

Let's hope that Stormy Daniels is effective in her run. I want to have the discussion of why it's okay for a Senator of Louisiana to pay a woman to have sex, but not for a woman who's been paid to have sex to be a Senator.

In honor of Stormy Daniels, I thought I'd play this song to kick off the Friday Genius Ten. Leave yours in comments and/or consider this an open thread.

Original song: "Pornoshop" by Plastilina Mosh

1) "Date With The Night"---The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

2) "Fascination Street"---The Cure

3) "Don't Get Lost In Heaven"---The Gorillaz

4) "Galang"---M.I.A.

5) "Paris"---Friendly Fires

6) "Hyperballad"---Bjork

7) "Ready For The Floor"---Hot Chip

8) "Lights & Music"---Cut Copy

9) "Be The One"---The Ting Tings

10) "D.A.N.C.E."---Justice

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