Bookworm has written one of the most elucidatingly racist posts I've ever read. It's a magnum opus of white resentment at underlying racist attitudes, laid out in a series of patronizing missives to the dark ones among us.

I’m a racist because I believe that excusing harmful behaviors in the black community (whether academic failures, teen pregnancies, drug use or crime), on the ground that blacks cannot help themselves because whites have essentially ruined them, is the ultimate insult to blacks, reducing them to the level of animals without intelligence, self-discipline, moral fiber, ambition or ordinary human decency.

I’m a racist because I think liberals have sold blacks a bill of goods by convincing them that, because slavery was work, all work is slavery.

Essentially, believing that white racism has held black people back is terrible and demeaning to blacks, the response to which is to believe that liberal white racism has held black people back. That's completely different, because of the words and such.


Reading through this, it becomes clear that this lovely crystallization of conservative thought on race is fundamentally about an underestimation and denigration of the capacities of black Americans to understand their own history and the causes of their problems. Post-racial conservatism, at its core, presumes that the great bulk of black America is too stupid and too misled to understand its position in the American diaspora; the only forces arrayed against black people are the ones black people depend on and trust in.

The best reading of this list of resentment is that the author views black people as noble savages, people so backwards that the only way we can move forward is to be left alone to figure out things for ourselves. My reading, however, goes a little bit deeper than that. The easiest way to excuse racism is to rewrite and reinterpret history so that its effects are divorced from the cause. If racism causes suffering, you get around it by blaming the suffering on the victims. Of course, this is in and of itself racist - the reason a persecuted minority was persecuted is because they're so weak and dumb and persecutable. But it allows the racist to distance themselves from their own beliefs by saying that they aren't being racist, they're just reflecting a reality without racism. A reality which happens to be racist as fuck.

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