With Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele coming under fire from all sides, even Comedy Central's Jon Stewart would love a chance to grill him on some of his recent problems and misstatements.

"Chairman Steele was actually scheduled to be a guest on this program back on January 18," Stewart explained to his audience on Wednesday. "But he had to cancel because it conflicted with him, um, deciding he did not want to be on the show any more."

Stewart then welcomed "embattled RNC Chairman Michael Steele" -- as portrayed by the blue muppet Mr. Johnson, whose image The Daily Show has used as a stand-in for Steele in the past.

"Happy to be in the hizzle with my main man, Johnny Beefstew!" the muppet began.

Stewart started off the interview on the subject of "Bondage-gate," asking, "Has the scandal finally been put to rest?"

The muppet answered in Steele's actual voice, saying, "I was very angry, and we dealt with it. We got to the bottom of it."

"I can't help but notice that your voice changes when you're giving a more serious answer," Stewart commented.

"Hey, bibble, I can't always bring the urban flavah," the muppet replied. "I'm taking on the serious dip, bibble bibble."

"This week," Stewart went on, "you appeared on Good Morning America, and during the interview you appeared to blame some of your troubles on your race."

"Oh, that was just me surfing it up, bingalow," the muppet replied.

"You're honestly saying that the criticism you're facing can be chalked up to race?' Stewart asked. "So charges that you're wasting donors' money, critiques of your job performance, all that is just racism?"

"Straight bibble, baby," the muppet insisted.

Stewart responded by playing a clip of Steele from last fall -- with the muppet's image pasted in over Steele's -- complaining about how "the left and Democrats ... when they get into trouble, don't get their way, and their backs are kind of up against the wall ... they play that race card, that slavery card, that civil rights card."

"Chairman Michael Steele, isn't that hypocritical?" Stewart asked in his best fake-Keith Olbermann style. "You, sire, attacking Democrats for using the race card when you yourself use it, sir. Is that not hypocritical, sir?"

The muppet was left momentarily speechless but quickly faked a phone call and insisted he had to leave "right now."

"Hibbledy-bibbledy," he said in farewell.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast April 6, 2010.