Not all Republicans are racists but racists are more than likely to be Republicans, according to comedian Bill Maher.

Critics accuse Arizona's Republican legislature of creating a law that will affect non-whites disproportionately. "Government power bothers conservatives unless it's directed at people that are not white. It seems like there is something like that going on," Maher said on ABC Sunday.

Conservative columnist George Will seemed to take Maher's words personally. "Mr. Maher, just said -- if i heard him right -- that conservatives basically are racists and like government intrusion only against people that aren't white," said Will.

"Let me defend myself," countered Maher. "I would never say and I have never said, because it's not true that Republicans, all republicans are racists. That would be silly and wrong. But now days, if you are racist, you're probably a Republican. And that is quite different," explained Maher.

But that wasn't a topic that ABC's Jake Tapper was willing to cover. "That's a whole other round table conversation," Tapper said as he quickly changed the subject.

This video is from ABC's This Week, broadcast May 2, 2010.

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