Update: "Lost" fans alert. I was on the Overthinking It podcast supplement about "Lost", if you want to obsess over the finale some more.

I have to admit, I think it's kind of funny that MAC cosmetics is putting out a grown-up version of the whole Disney Princess crap by putting the focus on the villains. Sure, you can point out that the implication is that women are evil simply by virtue of growing up and becoming sexual beings, or even that make-up is probably not the greatest thing in the world for feminists to be celebrating. But it's Friday, and I'm going to point out that a) make-up is fun and b) it's way more fun to be the Evil Queen than to be that drip Snow White. That the Disney villains always meet ignoble ends can be read, from a certain angle, as not so much cosmic justice but as a cruel joke of fate. Why do the interesting ones always have to pay?

In honor of villainy, I chose for the Friday Genius Ten's original song a devilish two-fer. Leave yours in comments, or thoughts on whatever's on your mind.

Original song: "The Devil In Us" by the Black Devil Disco Club

1) "Time To Let Go" by Sally Shapiro

2) "Don and Sherri" by Matthew Dear

3) "Mr. Decay" by Gui Boratto

4) "Numbers" by Booka Shade

5) "Silent" by The Field

6) "Gay Dentists" by My Oizo

7) "Horny Pony" by Spektrum

8) "Move Your Body" by Marshall Jefferson

9) "Television Rules The Nation" by Daft Punk

10) "Good Beat" by Dee-Lite

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