So the previous video I posted made me all sappy and even a little - ew - uplifted. But this new World Cup ad from Nike is a very different experience:

[youtube expand=1]

AW YEAH! Seriously, I've watched this four times in the past half hour and it just KEEPS GETTING MORE AWESOME. I'm literally bouncing in my chair in my cubicle (having this chair makes that a bit easier). What I really love about it is not just that it shows the incredible waves of excitement and fervor surrounding the game and the Cup around the world, but also all the tongue-in-cheek bits and the sort of "inside baseball" ("inside soccer"?) scenes - the ridiculous rise and fall of opinion in the British press and public, the uber-glamorous-fantasy Ronaldo montage, the YouTube videos of people trying to imitate Ronaldinho when no one can really imitate Ronaldinho, etc. (Have to say it makes me a bit sad to see him in the video, since Dunga decided on his roster after four days of peyote-driven sleep deprivation or something. Obviously this was all put together long before the rosters were named, and I doubt Nike thought he'd get left behind.)

Every day I think I can't get more excited for the World Cup. Then something comes along to increase my anticipation by a mile, and it's now approaching slight insanity. By the time June 10th rolls around, I may be speaking in tongues.

(H/T to Dirty Tackle)