A conservative talk radio station in Ohio is offering an unusual contest that some might find offensive, a poster at the website Contexts notes.

"Win a trip to Phoenix, Arizona! Make sure to bring your green card! 610 WTVN would like to send you where Americans are proud and illegals are scared, sunny Phoenix, Arizona," a link at the radio station states.

You'll spend a weekend chasing aliens and spending cash in the desert, just make sure you've got your green card! Win round trip airfare to Phoenix, hotel accomodations, and a few pesos in spending cash -- just register below!

Contest ends Thursday, May 27th at 5 p.m. John Corby will announce a winner on 5.27 at 5:10 p.m.

14 day advance on the airline tix, flying via Southwest/ 2 night hotel stay/ Hotel TBD/ $100 in Visa gift card.

"This campaign is a response to Columbus mayor Michael Coleman who boycotted AZ by banning all city-funded travel after SB1070, and the mayor is depicted as a holder of a green card [that's him shown on the ID card]," the Context article's source notes.

A press release issued by immigrant rights advocates states, "Central Ohio Community Leaders call on Clear Channel’s WTVN 610 to apologize for the 'Trip to Phoenix , AZ' promotion."

A coalition of Columbus community members will join together in rejecting the insensitive promotion and advertisement of ClearChannel's WTVN 610 Radio Station depicting Mayor Coleman on a Green Card in a trip giveaway promotion to Phoenix, Arizona, where the winner is invited to ‘spend the weekend chasing aliens and spend a few pesos in the desert’”. Community members will stand in solidarity and support the immigrant community and tell Columbus and Central Ohio to stand up to racial profiling and the racist remarks inferred by the WTVN 610 promotion.

“This is clearly the chilling effect of what is happening in Arizona with SB 1070”, we believe that our community must respect and protect all people”, commented Leonardo Ramos, President of Colombianos en Ohio .

Community members will also be turning in letters to Brian Dytko, General Manager of Clear Channel in Columbus , Ohio . The promotion is insensitive and offensive to all Central Ohio communities. Instead of supporting more diversity in the city and better inter-ethnic relations, they are singling out one ethnic group in a degrading fashion. We are declaring that we are a diverse and inclusive community and are proud to be a part of this great City.

Who: Immigrant Right Advocates and Members of the Columbus Community


LULAC – Columbus Councils

Reform Immigration Reform for America

Empleos y Employment

Ohio Hispanic Coalition

Casa de la Cultura Hispana

Colombianos en Ohio

The Horn of Africa Rescue Committee (Somali


Victoria Motors

University Area Enrichment Association

DJVU Latin Fusion

Jewish Family Services of Columbus

Latino LeaderShift Initiative

A posting at Feministing complains, "The references are aggressive and reminiscent of the vigilante tradition of anti-immigration right-wing groups."

WTVN's page for John Corby notes:

"Corby", as most people seem to refer to John, was Ohio born and bred. Hailing from the hills of Hocking County, and ending up in the great Capital City by way of the Ohio State University.

Corby is what many would refer to as a "regular guy". He does "regular guy" things,(i.e. watches LOTS of television) drives a "regular guy" vehicle (Dodge Durango in case you wondered) and likes "regular guy" food. (Chili dogs are one of the staples of his diet) John is able to maintain this normalcy despite being listened to regularly by tens of thousands of people who depend of his daily guidance in order to conduct their lives. From simply nudging people in the right direction when it comes to election day, or saving them from making relationship mistakes, John conducts his daily dose of regularity, with, well, regularity.

"See how respectful the Illegals are to the great state of Arizona," Corby wrote last Friday, linking to a picture allegedly showing "backpacks and trash left by illegals."