A cell phone video has surfaced showing a US border patrol officer shooting a Mexican boy in Ciudad Juarez. Fourteen-year-old Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca was on the Mexican side of the border when he was shot and killed.

The video, obtained by CNN, captures several people running below a railroad bridge that connects the U.S. to Mexico. An officer can be seen getting off his bicycle and moving towards the figures. One person is apprehended by the officer on the Mexican side of the border.

Soon after, the officer is seen pointing his gun at a suspect who is standing on the Mexican side of the border. At least two gunshots can be heard on the tape. A third gunshot is heard moments later.

"They're throwing rocks," can be heard in Spanish, according to CNN. "They hit him... they hit him," the witness says.

The video appears to contradict an FBI spokesperson's account of the incident. "This agent, who had the second subject detained on the ground, gave verbal commands to the remaining subjects to stop and retreat. However, the subjects surrounded the agent and continued to throw rocks at him. The agent then fired his service weapon several times, striking one subject who later died," FBI special agent Andrea Simmons said.

The tape does not appear to show the suspects throwing rocks.

This video is from CNN.com, broadcast June 9, 2010.