John Cornyn believes the killed pro-Palestinian activists that were killed in a clash with Israeli defense forces were asking for it.

ABC's Jake Tapper asked Cornyn how the U.S. should react after Israeli commandos killed, Furkan Dogan, an U.S. citizen in the process of raiding an aid flotilla bound for Gaza.

"We don't know all the circumstances yet. But It appears to be a premeditated provocation of Israel and an attempt to run the blockade that's existed since Hamas took over Gaza," Cornyn said Sunday.

"They are entitled, as matter of their self-defense, so look to see if weapons or other items are being smuggled in," Cornyn continued.

"This was pretty clearly a premeditated provocation and it's unfortunate that lives were lost. I think it should have been a situation like it had been before if the people organizing this flotilla had been committed to peaceful activity, as opposed to provocation, this would not have occurred and Israel would have been able to examine the contents of the flotilla and they would have been delivered to the people of Gaza who needed help," said Cornyn.

This video is from ABC's This Week, broadcast June 6, 2010.

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