A cop who shot an Iraqi war vet nine times at point blank range last weekend for making a pass at his female companion has been charged with murder.

The problem is, no one can find him.

Authorities in Baltimore issued an arrest warrant Friday evening charging Baltimore police officer Gahiji A. Tshamba with first degree murder in connection with the death of former marine Tyrone Brown.

But efforts to locate the 15-year veteran have been unsuccessful, leading investigators to consider the possibility Tshamba may have absconded rather than face murder charges and possible jail time.

“We have been to several places where he is known to live and he was not there,� a Baltimore police officer speaking on condition of anonymity told Raw Story Saturday morning.

Police have not officially classified Tshamba as a fugitive.

The charges come after a week of intense pressure for prosecutors to quickly indict Tshamba for the slaying of Brown.

Tshamba and Brown’s paths crossed nearly a week ago in an alley behind a bar in Baltimore’s Mt Vernon neighborhood.

The two exchanged words after Brown allegedly made unwanted advances towards a girlfriend with Tshamba.

Police said an altercation ensued.

The Baltimore Sun reported that witnesses told police Tshamba yelled at Brown to “do it again,� allegedly referring to Brown’s advances. Then Tshamba fired off the fatal fusillade of bullets striking Brown nine times in the chest, head, and groin.

After the shooting officer Tshamba refused to take a breathalyzer test.  Witnesses told police the officer was at a local bar holding a drink shortly before the shooting occurred.

An autopsy conducted earlier this week found so-called “stippling� on Brown’s head, gun powder burns that indicate a victim was shot at point blank range.

The autopsy corroborates witness accounts that Tshamba was standing over Brown when he fired off 13 shots. Witnesses said Brown had his hands over his head when the shooting occurred.

Last weekend’s shooting was not the first time Tshamba had fired his weapon off-duty amid allegations that he had been drinking.

The Sun noted in 2005 that Tshamba shot a man in the foot who had been yelling racial slurs at the officer after he had struck Tshamba’s car. A blood alcohol test showed Tshamba had a .12 alcohol level, over the .08 legal limit of intoxication in Maryland for operating the motor vehicle.

In spite of this, internal affairs investigators determined the shooting was justified. Tshamba received an 8 day suspension.

A funeral for Brown is scheduled for Wednesday in Baltimore.