The president of the NAACP condemned the New Black Panther Party Sunday but said there was really no comparison with the Tea Party.

On Tuesday, the NAACP voted to approve a resolution calling for the Tea Party to repudiate racist elements within their movement.

Since then, the nations's oldest civil rights group has been criticized for ignoring the racism exhibited by a small group called the New Black Panther Party. Conservative outlets like Fox News have pointed to a video where a member of the New Black Panther Party called for African-Americans to "kill cracker babies."

David Webb, co-founder of Tea Party 365, confronted NAACP president Ben Jealous about the New Black Panther Party Sunday on CBS' Face the Nation.

"I have a serious objection with is his selective condemnation of racism when he will not condemn the New Black Panther Party for saying that they want to kill crackers and kill cracker babies, whereas he would condemn the KKK or any element that shows up in and claims that they are a part of the Tea Party," said Webb.

"The reality here is that the New Black Panther Party is like 12 people, 13 people," responded Jealous. "They don't say these things at the NAACP. If they did, we would take them on."

"I said three times on a show with you last week so hear me this time. You know, bigots come in all colors. We absolutely denounce the New Black Panther Party. But they aren't in our group. These folks are in your groups," said Jealous.

This video is from CBS' Face the Nation, broadcast July 18, 2010.

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