Do you want to turn Raw Story into a tech-savvy website, and make some cash on the side? Are you a self-driven programmer looking to be part of a growing business that breaks major investigative stories and delivers news you can't find anywhere else?

Raw Story is seeking a webmaster/developer for part-time work (25-30 hours per week) that may expand to full-time gig, to include server management, regular programming, troubleshooting and feature development. Work will be conducted from the candidate's home. The position would begin immediately.

The successful candidate will be expected to be available for emergencies -- at all hours -- for crisis management (website crashes), though this will typically not be "late-night" more than once or twice a year.

Raw Story is currently midway through a redesign and programming upgrade and has contracted several companies and a project manager for this project. The date of our redesign launch has yet to be determined. Your job will be to improve and debug our current site, then work to enhance the redesigned site and take over management of its programming infrastructure.

As our business grows, the job will likely expand to a full time post, with responsibilities to include ad optimization and long-term site development. Applicants should have extensive experience with php; Wordpress and Wordpress plugins (such as those that involve page caching); mySQL; QA; XML; and server management, including database management load balancing.

Please indicate on your application your specific familiarity with these elements as well as experience with other CMS systems including Moveable Type or Drupal. Indicate on your cover letter if you have worked with Disqus or other commenting systems.

At the onset, most of the webmaster work will be troubleshooting existing site bugs, page load optimization and browser compatibility testing. We have another contracted programmer who can help you address these issues and has worked on some of them.

Additionally, the successful candidate will work on search engine and Google News optimization and improve integration with social networking apps. The ability to create a mobile version of the site would also be a plus. Upon completion of de-bug work, the webmaster/developer will work to add new features/widgets etc. to the site to improve the user experience and improve page stickiness.

Compensation will be based on experience but will be solid/competitive for part time work. You will be paid as a contractor.

Because nearly all of our employees and contractors work in different states and the cost of purchasing individual policies is extremely expensive, we are not able to offer health insurance as part of the job. We will, however, provide a stipend to help cover your healthcare costs.

Please include a cover letter and portfolio of two to three sites you've worked at and what specifically you've done as well as a resume, along with references. If you have some ideas for site improvements, we'd love to hear about them in your cover letter, but please be brief in your critiques, since many of the problems we are already aware of. Personally, I'd prefer to hear what you'd like to see on an "add-on" basis, rather than a listing of problems you may have.

Email your cover letter, portfolio and references to:

I really look forward to hearing from you!