Comedy Central's Jon Stewart took another swipe at Fox News Wednesday when he hit the network's reporting on Muslim-related stories.

First, the Comedy Central host ripped into the network's take on a story about NASA reaching out to the Muslim world.

The Huffington Post noted:

Showing clip after clip of Fox News hosts and pundits criticizing, and even mocking the PR plan, Stewart noted their hypocrisy when he asked, "What kind of Presidential asshole would use the space program to build a bridge to peace?" Of course, he answered his own question, cutting to a clip of "liberal fart-bag" Ronald Reagan discussing the use of technology to help end the Cold War.

The highlight of the bit may have been Stewart's reaction to "Fox & Friends" host Steve Doocy saying "it's a space place." On a side note, we're beginning to get the sense that "Fox & Friends" may be the most unintentionally funny show on TV. (Sorry, "Real Housewives of Everywhere," they've got you beat.)

Stewart then blasted the networks' reporting on mosques being built in the US.

"There are a number of people asking why are these mosques being built in my community," said one Fox News reporter.

Fox News interviewed one Christian pastor who claimed people fear the mosque because they spread Islam. "There's some people that are afraid and they are afraid for good reason," said Pastor Wayne DeVROU of the First Reformed Church. "Because Islamic philosophy and ideology starts in a mosque."

"What? One of the tenets of Islam is to spread Islam?" asked Stewart.

To make the point that Islam wasn't the only religion that intended to propagate itself, Stewart then quoted several passages from the Bible to illustrate that Christians also have the goal of spreading their religion.

"To be fair, Stewart mocked ABC News as well for their take on the situation as well. But both were asking for it," wrote The Huffington Post's Dan Abramson.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast July 7, 2010.