Utah Governor Gary Herbert has ordered an investigation into a list of 1,300 alleged illegal immigrants that is being circulated in Utah.

The list has spread fear among the Hispanic community. It contains birth dates, social security numbers and contact information. Even the due dates of some pregnant women are listed.

Salt Lake Tribune reporter Robert Gehrke told MSNBC's Tamron Hall that the probe will begin by looking into who has access to government databases.

"Any time anybody accesses one of these state databases it kind of leaves behind fingerprints," said Gehrke. "So, what they're doing is all of these agencies that might have this information are going in to find out who, you know, who's been accessing their databases and if any of the information lines up."

"The assumption right now is that a state agency is sort of the most likely suspect because of the detail of the information that was provided," he said.

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