Hey Raw reader TV extraordinaries!

Raw Story is looking for some killer video interns to help us turn up the volume on great TV reporting and sensational things people say when they're being interviewed on TV.

Here's the deal. Our video editor David Edwards is overworked and underpaid, and he gets up at 4 or 5 am every morning to start compiling video clips from the previous day. It's a lot of work, as you can imagine. And it involves watching five or six shows on his Tivo and condensing down the best bits to three minute clips -- which is more than any human being should ever be required to do.

We've had incredible success with volunteer comment moderators (if you've been following our site for some years you know that commenting has been one of our biggest problems), and so we thought we might apply the same methodology for video producers. Yes, it's an unpaid job, but I know there's tons of you that watch these shows and hear people saying crazy things -- or catch excellent news reports that get little cover elsewhere -- and would love just for the sake of it to see them get broader promotion.

Raw Story's David Edwards has been at the forefront of reporting on issues like underreported elements of the BP oil spill, the abuse of Tasers, the incredible things said on Fox News and MSNBC every day -- but he could use some backup, so that Raw Story can be everything he does and more.

Do you watch a lot of political television? Do you know how to upload TV clips to YouTube? Or -- do you watch a lot of political television and are able to find clips on YouTube quickly after someone else uploads them, and can toss us an embed link, or even do a brief analytical writeup?

Flat out: we're not looking for people who are too partisan that they can't write up a video without an analytical style. The reality is, most video clips speak for themselves, and they're more effective if your own personal opinion isn't inserted. But I know we have thousands of readers who catch brilliant news reports -- and not so brilliant news reports -- every single day. And to pop a quick YouTube clip into our system with a few paragraphs that explain the context and include a few quotes (and maybe even provide links to news reports that supplement or contradict the claims made in the videos) would be enormously helpful in getting our message out to your fellow readers.

And, of course, it would help Dave, who works some 80 hours or more a week -- not only on weekdays but also in covering the Sunday news shows.

Do you have what it takes? Do you love YouTube, and politics? We want you to be part of our team.

If this sounds like the job for you, please email us at rawstorytech@gmail.com.

Full disclosure: We can't afford to pay you for this kind of work. But if it's something you're good at, and you're consistent and are able to write your own objective writeups, there's likely a way we can throw some bucks your way. You know you deserve it.

Thanks so much -- and even more for helping David, who works his ass off.

Always Raw,