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Capitol cops: OK to hang senators in effigy, just don’t beat them



Free speech sometimes has strange limitations.

“The Capitol Police are fairly jaded about protests, but they get a bit more careful when it comes to pretending to hang a member of Congress,” Ambreen Ali noted at Congress.org on Friday.

As anti-abortion protesters gathered outside the Senate Thursday, a dozen police officers stood poised to make arrests if the activists went too far.

Pasting a photograph of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) onto a human-looking figure and putting a noose around its neck was OK, police told protesters. But beating it with a stick they had brought with them was not.

For Randall Terry, the longtime anti-abortion activist who led the protest, the goal was to go as far as he possibly could.

“We are trying to be incendiary,” he said. “This country was started by people who did things like this.”


Unable to beat Graham with a stick, the activists settled for slapping his image.

These kind of protests often can backfire, Ali notes. “A few on-lookers expressed their disgust with Terry’s performance,” WYFF4 in Greenville S.C. reported at an earlier event.

Ali adds, “Many of the people who walked by Terry’s display outside a Senate building Thursday morning turned away.”

The Congress.org article notes that the controversial anti-abortion crusader tried his best to play it “careful.”

Outside the Senate building, Terry was careful to say that it was the senator’s political career — and not the man himself – that he wanted to see hung.

“We don’t want Senator Graham to fear for his safety,” he said. “We want him to fear for his political career.”


A press release issued by Randall Terry’s official website, before the DC event stated, “Lindsey Graham has committed ethical and political treachery against the babies, the voters of North Carolina, and the Laws of God. Our political satire pales in the light of the millions of babies who will be butchered due to his votes for Sotomayor and Kagan. God may forgive him; we will not.”

On Thursday, July 29, DC area pro-lifers will gather to hang and/or beat Lindsey Graham in effigy. (Time and location to be released on Wednesday, July 28.)

Also: See episode of Randall Terry: The Voice of Resistance, at 4:30 P.M., Tuesday, at www.TerryCast.com.

This episode contains footage from South Carolina of Lindsey Graham being beaten, hung, and burned in effigy. The “burning” is part of a “skit noir” done by Andrew Beacham called the “Ghosts of Patriots Past.”

Another press release noted, “On Thursday July 29 at 11 AM, in front of his office at the Russell Senate Office Building (corner of 1st and Constitution NE) in DC, Randall Terry and local pro-life advocates will protest Lindsey Graham for his recent vote for Elena Kagan — an action that pro-lifers believe puts Lindsey in company with Benedict Arnold and all the other traitors in history.”


Hence, they will beat and hang Sen. Graham in effigy.

The protest follows an 11-day tour through Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina which Randall Terry and his Insurrecta Nex team just completed. On that tour they called on Sens. Mitch McConnell, Lamar Alexander, Jeff Sessions and Lindsey Graham to be true to their campaign promises and the platform of the Republican party and filibuster Elena Kagan.

Randall will film Friday’s TV show, Randall Terry: The Voice of Resistance, at the protest.

Beating and Hanging Lindsey Graham in Effigy

Outside the Russell Senate Office Building, corner of 1st and Constitution NE

Thursday July 29 at 11 AM

For Sen Graham’s traitorous actions against the babies, pro-lifers, and the principles of the Republican Party

Randall Terry states:

“If a man brings the enemy into your camp, he is helping the enemy; when he helps the enemy, he has become the enemy, and must be treated as such. Mr. Graham has betrayed God and innocent babies; we must treat him as a fraud and a traitor from this moment forth.” Randall Terry

“I believe – with all my heart – that if the pro-life movement did its job, we could defeat Kagan. Democratic pro-lifers and the GOP would be enough to stop her.” Randall Terry

“The Republicans DO NOT FEAR PRO-LIFERS POLITICALLY. That is why they ignore us. And that crisis is upon us because of the ‘collaborators’ in the pro-life movement – those who say they are pro-life but then do nothing.” Randall Terry

“The vote for Kagan is in August. Obviously, the chances of prevailing against her are small, but so what? If we fight valiantly, at least the babies who will die under her butchery have a voice – us – in this small window of time.” Randall Terry

Last week, Wonkette mocked the Greenville, South Carolina stop on the “hang/and or beat” Senator Graham tour.


There is a precious photo gallery of this historical event of lolz, which may prove to be the turning point in our nation’s history. Photo One: Bystanders look on in utter glee. Photo Three: Lindsey’s head appears to be taped to a stuffed duck’s ass. Photo Four: Some delinquent hits the Lindsey pinata. Photo Six: Said delinquent looks evil and also dubious as abortion guy puts his arm around him. ET CETERA

Last Tuesday, a South Carolina paper noted that in Mount Pleasant Monday, “Staff members from Operation Rescue-Insurrecta Nex, an organization that wants to make abortion illegal, stood outside in the heat for the ‘Beating, Burning and Hanging Lindsey ‘Benedict Arnold’ Graham in Effigy’ protest.

Chances are that Capitol Police wouldn’t have gone for burning senators in effigy, either.


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