During a conference call with supporters, former Vice President Al Gore declared that the battle to pass significant climate legislation this year "has not been successful and it's pretty much over for this year."

“I hope I’m wrong about that, but I want to be realistic because we need to re-double our efforts for the battle that lies ahead," Gore said on the August 10 conference call. "It’s not over. It may be over in this session of Congress and who knows how these elections will turn out, but the battle is not over and we simply have no choice but to win this battle."

Even while we are so painfully and so profoundly aware of the crisis in which we find ourselves, even as we recognize the common thread linking the climate crisis and the economic crisis and our national security challenges, the Senate has still failed us. The United States government as a whole has failed us. The House of Representatives did its job in large part because of your efforts.

Business and Media adds,

There has been some speculation the Senate might take up this debate after the midterm elections. President Barack Obama’s top energy adviser also raised it as a possibility that cap-and-trade legislation could be passed during the lame-duck session on NBC’s Aug. 8 broadcast of “Meet the Press,” but Gore wasn’t as optimistic for his cause.

“There are a few voices though there’s still a chance it will be taken up but we have to have realistic view,” he continued. “They have failed. They have failed badly. And the possibility for a robust debate later this year is greatly diminished. And the possibility of a debate after the midterm elections in a lame-duck congressional session is also a very slim possibility indeed.”

While the call has been noted on several right-leaning blogs, the mainstream media and other side of the blogosphere seem to have ignored or overlooked it.

As the anti-environmentalism Green Hell blog notes,

Gore said “the government was not working “as our founders intended it to” and laid more blame at the feet of fossil fuel interests who conducted a “cynical coordinated campaign” with “unprecedented funding” and “who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars just on lobbying.” He criticized “polluters” for “dumping global warming pollution into the atmosphere like it was an open sewer.”

Gore blamed the skeptics for “attacking science and scientists.” “They [the skeptics] did damage and cast doubt,” Gore said.

Asked why the alarmists were ineffective in addressing Climategate, Gore bitterly blamed a “biased right-wing media… bolstered by professional deniers.” Gore claimed the Wall Street Journal published 30 editorial and news articles about Climategate and “not a single one presented [his] side of the science.”

WND notes, "The conference call was organized by Repower America, which later posted a notice that audio clips of the event would be posted."