Stephen Colbert would like to hold a massive historic rally to rival Glenn Beck's but he's looking for a sign from God first.

Tuesday night, the Comedy Central faux pundit asked his audience if they agreed with Michele Bachmann that the "Restoring Honor" rally couldn't have been less than one million people (the "official" scientific estimate claimed it was 87,000, Beck said at least 500,000, while Bachmann has gone higher and suggested 1.5 million).

"Who agrees with me [and Bachmann]? Okay, so that's one, two, three..."

Colbert stopped counting and used his gut, "57,000 people agree with me."

He pointed out that only a miracle could make 87,000 people into a million people. "The secret is God," said Colbert.

And the number of people was just one of the miracles at the "Restoring Honor" rally. Beck found Divine Providence in a flock of geese that flew in formation over the crowd.

"I think it was God's flyover," Beck told his Fox News viewers the week following the event.

Thousands have also joined a movement on the internet calling for Colbert to host his own rally. Reddit users have called the movement "Restoring Truthiness." Over 37,000 have become members of a group supporting the idea on Facebook.

But how could 37,000 multiply into millions without the help of God? Colbert needed a sign.

"So to get a good gander on this gathering, I would need my own God geese to tell me to hold a rally," he said.

But special guest "Geese Witherspoon" -- a prophetic goose -- wasn't much help. And a bottle of "Grey Goose vodka" only told him to "stay home and drink all day."

This video is from Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, broadcast Sept. 7, 2010.