A Commissioner of Cuyahoga County in Ohio was arrested by FBI agents early Wednesday morning as part of a larger federal probe into corruption in the county.

Seven other Cuyahoga County officials, labor leaders, and business people have also been arrested.

Commissioner Jimmy Dimora, age 55, is accused of using his public office to obtain free home improvements, prostitutes, and trips.

"The agents arrived in two vehicles and knocked on the door for a few minutes before someone eventually answered. The agents then entered the home, and left with Dimora in handcuffs," NewsChannel5 reports.

In addition to Dimora, five others were arrested as part of the 139-page indictment , including Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Bridget McCafferty, Union Local Business Manager Robert Rybak, Auditor’s office employees Jerry Skuhrovec and Michael Gabor, and former Reliance Mechanical President and CEO William Neiheiser.

The second indictment charged Deputy Chief Auditor Samir Mohammad, and the third indictment charged Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Steven Terry.

All of those arrested will be arraigned in court around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon. Dimora will be the first one arraigned, followed by the seven others.

Dimora is considered to be the top target of the ongoing County corruption probe , especially after former County Auditor Frank Russo was charged in a 21-count criminal information last week.

"The charges against Dimora include allegations that he took bribes in return for favors, including the steering of county contracts," reports Fox 8 News.

The exact breakdown of charges is as follows:

All but five of the 31 counts on the first indictment apply to Dimora. Twenty-two are for bribery. Two others are for fraud and bribery. He is also charged with one count of conspiracy to obstructing the county corruption investigation and one count of obstructing of the county corruption investigation.

"Defendants who have already pleaded guilty to related charges told prosecutors they performed free home improvements and even provided Dimora with a prostitute during a trip to Las Vegas," adds NewsChannel5.

The arrests come after a two-year investigation by the FBI, the IRS and the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Since 2008, Dimora has denied any wrong-doing.

"While there is no pleasure in arresting sitting judges, a corrupt commissioner and others, there is satisfaction in knowing the people of Cuyahoga County will now see what justice looks like," said special agent C. Frank Figliuzzi.

Below is video from Fox 8 News.