Via Digby, we learn that the Republican nominee for Congress in New York's 18th district Jim Russell has a history of straight up white supremacy, falling somewhere on the spectrum of evil between David Duke and Dinesh D'Souza. Notably, he published an essay titled "The Western Contribution to World History" in a publication called "Occidental Quarterly". The title alone is the sort of thing I was alluding to earlier when I was talking about the way that white supremacists have this obsession with lining up a bunch of white people who did important shit, as if they get a piece of Shakespeare's brains because they share his skin color. (The other part of that is denying the cultural accomplishments of people they consider different in some way, of course.) But for all the pretensions to the heights of Western civilization embodied in a title like that, it appears that the actual work itself is an incoherent rant. But hey, he doesn't need to be smart, since there have been some smart white people in the past and he can just round up because of it.

But what was really awesome about this essay was the Jim Russell has a native understanding of how, when you're a Tea Cracker, you don't have to choose between misogyny and racism. You can have it all at once, if you want. Who's going to stop you? Rush Limbaugh? Russell's argument against racial integration, particularly of schools, is beautiful in its linkage of the aims of patriarchy with the aims of white supremacy.

It has been demonstrated that finches raised by foster parents of a different species of finch will later exhibit a lifelong sexual attraction toward the alien species. One wonders how a child's sexual imprinting mechanism is affected by forcible racial integration and near continual exposure to media stimuli promoting interracial contact. The most serious implication of human sexual imprinting for our genetic future is that it would establish the destructiveness of school integration, especially in the middle and high-school years. One can only wonder to what degree the advocates of school integration, such as former NAACP attorney Jack Greenberg, were conscious of this scientific concept. It also compounds the culpability of media moguls who deliberately popularize miscegenation in films directed toward adolescents and pre-adolescents. In the midst of this onslaught against our youth, parents need to be reminded that they have a natural obligation, as essential as providing food and shelter, to instill in their children an acceptance of appropriate ethnic boundaries for socialization and for marriage.

The sociobiological warfare that our youth is subjected to is likely to be even more diabolical since it appears to deliberately exploit a biological theory of sexual imprinting at the critical period of sexual maturity. Movies like this past year's spate of miscegenationist titles, Save the Last Dance, Crazy / Beautiful and O, a parody of Othello, appear deliberately designed to exploit the critical period of sexual imprinting in their target audiences of white pre-adolescent girls and adolescent young women.

If Jim Russell wants to honor his elders---and what are teabaggers without an obsession with looking back to "happier" times when patriarchy and white supremacy weren't questioned as much---this strikes me as an opportunity for him to do so. Remember that famous Jesse Helms ad in 1990 that blamed job loss on racial integration and affirmative action?

[youtube expand=1]

Scene: Pair of middle aged white hands holding a picture of a high school cheerleader, taken some time in the late 60s/early 70s, when Jim Russell was in high school.

Voiceover: "You needed that pussy. It was your birthright. But she had to give it to a minority. Because of school integration. Is that really fair? Nita Lowey [his opponent] says it is."

Scene: Crumpling up of picture.

I think it's a message the Tea Crackers would eat up. After all, they can tell each other that this will really piss off the liberals, and at the end of the day, isn't that what matters the most?

Instead, the GOP decided to assert itself a little, dropping Russell and joining the ranks of the "liberal elite". Russell is well-versed in conservative victimology, calling the GOP "hypersensitive". Which is quickly becoming the slur term for anyone who is uneasy with any kind of racism, no matter how over the top. Only a bunch of pansy asses and girls get upset when they discover that a candidate for Congress is opposed to school integration.