A conservative talk radio station in San Diego has a pressing question to ask its listeners: Should "practicing Muslims" be "registered" on a national database during a time of war?

KFMB 760 AM, the San Diego home of such right-wing on-air personalities as Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage, reportedly asked the question on its Web site Wednesday, according to Ben Dimiero at MediaMatters.

"During a time of war, should we register as many practicing Muslims as we can find in a national database?" the poll asked.

Voters were given two options to choose from: "No, it's an invasion of privacy," and "Yes, gun owners have to, why not Muslims?"

The poll had already been removed from the site as of Wednesday evening.

MediaMatters' Dimiero reported that, at the time he accessed the poll, 63 percent of respondents had said "yes." (Online polls are unscientific and should not be trusted as an accurate reflection of public opinion.)

Dimiero argues that the poll is further evidence the conservative media is whipping up an Islamophobic hysteria in the United States.

"It's worth asking KFMB's hosts whether they are okay with being broadcast on a station that thinks it is open to debate whether or not 'practicing Muslims' should have to register in a 'national database'," he remarks.

He notes that personalities broadcast on KFMB have expressed similar sentiments in the past. Talk show host Michael Savage, for instance, once argued in favor of banning Muslim immigration, while radio and Fox News personality Glenn Beck described the Muslim community center being planned near Ground Zero as an "Allah tells me to blow up America mosque."