John McCain says that he agrees with Sarah Palin that GOP candidates could suffer if they don't agree with tea party ideals.

McCain told ABC's George Stephanopoulos Tuesday that Palin was right to say that the Republican Party was "through" if they stray from the tea party's anti-spending, anti-tax message.

"Heaven forbid that the GOP machine strays from this message," Palin told CNN Monday. "If so, the GOP is through."

"I think she is right to this degree," said McCain. "When Republicans gain majorities, they are based particularly on the area of fiscal responsibility -- the earmarking, the corruption, the out-of-control spending. Republicans were repudiated in 2006 and 2008, as I know very well. And what Sarah is saying, that we got to get a fiscally responsible majority in Congress of Republicans and act in a fiscally responsible manner."

McCain admitted that he had passed along funding requests from constituents for stimulus money but denied that this amounted to his sanctioning the request.

A study by the Center for Public Integrity found this week that McCain had written letters to the Obama administration that requested funding for stimulus projects in his state.

"I received a letter from constituents. I put a cover letter on it and passed it on and I specifically said, 'I am not requesting the funds.' They're not telling the truth," said McCain.

McCain also disagreed with his daughter Meghan McCain, who called Republican Senate candidate from Delaware Christine O'Donnell a "nutjob."

"The primary voters of Delaware chose Christine O'Donnell and she's the candidate," he said.

This video is from ABC's Good Morning America, broadcast Oct. 19, 2010.

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